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Turkish Virtual Community has been founded by our President & Co-founder @Thorge. A lot of hard work was put into this community with main purpose, to create a place for pilots and spectators to have a great and proffesi…

2 April 13, 2019
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About the Community Categories Each category has a pinned topic explaining how the category works. Here are all the pinned topics in each category: About the Meta category About the Announcements category Ab…

2 April 25, 2019
Interactive New/Advanced User Tutorial 5 May 9, 2019
Forum Change | Titles 3 April 22, 2019
Need a TL1 or TL2 user [CLOSED] 3 April 16, 2019
Why can’t I flag a topic? 5 April 13, 2019
Hello community 3 April 13, 2019
About the Meta category 1 March 6, 2019