Turkish Virtual Communication Update And New Routes


Communication Update and New Routes

  • Communication Update

We recently changed our communication platform, from Discord to Slack. However, do not be confused, we are not shutting this community down. This community will be kept open as long as the VA remains open. It’s main purpose was, is and will continue to be a place for pilots and guests to hang around, meet new people, get informed and have fun!

  • New Routes

We recently updated our route system with many additions from new airports and locations. What we want to share with you is, that we have now officially added all routes in and out from LFTM. Do enjoy our new unique airport, and we can’t wait to see your best pictures in the #if-pictures category!

Turkish Virtual Administration and Staff Team

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Where can I find the routes?

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They are exclusive for TV pilots in the CrewCenter.


Oh well Slack is not that bad I guess but I want TVA to remain open :+1:

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