Welcome to the official Turkish Virtual Community! :turkish_virtual:


Welcome to the Turkish Virtual Community!

Based on the official Infinite Flight App

IFVARB Approved


We have created our own community to help pilots and staff members communicate even better. With the features that discourse use, we thought it would be great if we immigrated here. Now let’s get started!

First contact…

Once you join here, you will be automatically granted the Cadet badge. You can read more about the ranks in our website. Once you reach higher ranks, new badges will be granted.

Trust Levels

0 (new) → 1 (basic) → 2 (member) → 3 (regular) → 4 (leader)

TL Name Unlocks Ability to send direct messages
Trust Level 0 New User Limited access in Discourse functions No
Trust Level 1 Basic User Access to all Discourse functions Yes
Trust Level 2 Member - Yes
Trust Level 3 Regular New category Yes
Trust Level 4 Leader (Admins only) Basic admin features Yes

Pilot Ranks / Staff Badges

Pilot Ranks

Badge Can the badge be used as a title?
Cadget Yes
Second Officer Yes
First Officer Yes
Training Captain Yes
Junior Captain Yes
Captain Yes
Senior Captain Yes

Staff Positions

Badge Can the badge be used a title?
ATC Staff No
Events Manager Yes
TVA Staff Yes

You can check what each badge unlocks, here

Any complaints, reports, etc…, please message @TVA_Staff and one of the staff members will get back to you

Get To Know The Community Categories

Important links such as our website or CrewCenter can be found here:



As always, let the staff team know if you any questions or concerns. We are here for you!

Turkish Virtual Staff team

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