Why we decided to selfhost our Website


Hello TVA Pilots!

Weebly is an awesome service for Website Building. It is easy and fast to create a website there.

But there are a few disadvantages.

  1. You only get costum domains on the Pro-Plan wich costs money.
  2. The speed of weebly isn’t very weel. I messured almost 20 Seconds of load time on our Fleet Page!
  3. There are always Weebly advertisments what doesn’t looks very Professional. There is only one way to get rid of them - Buying a Pro Plan.
  4. You can’t add everything you want. Some features are only available to the Pro Plan.

So I exported our site edited the Weebly ads away and added a Favicon Icon. You are able to access our site from a new domain from now on. Just click here! Our old page on Weebly will still exsist but we will not update it anymore. I would highly reccomend only using our new one from now on as it is faster than Weebly as well.
What is better now?
Our page got much faster now as I am using Cloudflare to speed it up over there cache.
How much faster?
I mesured it in incognito mode of chrome to make it fair as it could be cached on my device. I got a loading time of 19 Seconds for Weebly and blazing fast 1,36 Seconds for our new Website. If you are interested in some pictures here they are (The results are underlind in orange):


Self Hosted

A big improvment is that we now no more have any Weebly ads on our site. Isn’t that awesome? You can now enjoy our Website much cleaner and much faster.

Any Questions about the new Website or this announcement?
Please post them below!

Happy Landings and Widen your World!
Thorge / President of Turkish Virtual


Lol, I love this. Thanks


On weebly I noticed the problem that our pictures loaded very slow. With selfhosting they are loading much faster now and in general our website is much faster now.


How was that comment replied to me? I didn’t even have an account here yesterday.


Hmm interesting🤔
Seems like it is a bug