Code of Conduct (Terms of Service)

All members are expected to follow the code of conducts, those who don’t will receive a sanction from the table below.

  1. All pilots are to remain respectful to staff and fellow pilots.
  1. All members are to obey the code of conduct.
  1. Under no circumstances will excessive swearing in open forums be tolerated.
    Think of the young ones!!!
  1. Keep discussions in appropriate channels.
  1. Fly the correct aircraft. If You Think You Can fly any plane and then log it as a TVA flight.
  1. Obey basic etiquette whilst out flying under our name
  1. You are to follow all instructions given by Senior Leadership team Any problems see TVA’s CHIEF PILOT, then if still your not happy you may contact the company presidents.
  1. Any harmful, sexually explicit or racially aggravated behaviour in any slack channel will result in your immediate removal , you maybe referred to IFVARB.
  1. Any criminal behaviour will result in an immediate dismissal and a definite referral to the IFVARB.
  1. If you are banned by the IFVARB or IFC your account at TVA will be terminated immediately Pending Investigations.
  1. Respect all pilots and show due respect to the presidential team and senior leadership team.
  1. Our logo, brand and slogans are the respective property of the presidential team as a collective.
  1. The sharing of our ideas is forbidden without permission

Members are to follow the Code of Conduct, otherwise they will be treated accordingly by the Staff Team

If you want to report someone not following our Code of Conduct please report him to the Staff Team

Effective from March / 7/ 2019